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Kuandyk Ainabek
The Philosophy of Life and Business



        The monograph work considers the man as a derivative of the Universal, of the Absolute in the system of Objective-Subjective world. It provides a possibility for a more profound cognition of laws of life and business, formation of the homo economicus models. There are universal laws emanant from the supersubtle and subtle world, predetermining the spiritual, creative and labour, business activity of the man and community. The research work considers the universal law of cyclic development, which foredestines the transition from “Nothing” to “Something” and vice versa, where “Nothing” represents the supersubtle and subtle world or the system of information and supersubtle and subtle energy, and “Something” – the material world in the traditional understanding. The universal law of cyclic development conditions the existence of the reincarnation law and the karma law, which influence the spiritual, creative, labour and business activity of the man and community.  
Based on the supreme moral laws, the author proposes his own approaches to definition of the human life value equivalent, motivation of creative and labour activity, a model of dignified life in the epoch of social orientation of the economy.                       
         In this research work, special attention is paid to development of household as a consuming entity in the conditions of socialization and globalization of the economy. Subsequently the security of communal business is considered through the perspective of moral acts; the dialectic of communal life and business is researched, as well as that of the environment.  
The monograph attempts at considering the spiritual life of the man and community with business activity, economy and environment in the global system of the Absolute. Eventually, based on the research, the author comes to the confirmation of the conclusion on the need to follow the supreme moral laws ensuing from the requirements of the supersubtle and subtle world, for harmonization of the community and socialization of the economy.